Scott Meyer

Scott’s most interesting position was that of Executive Director of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Let Scott’s nearly 35 years of Radio, TV and Digital Marketing experience go to work for you! For the past 10 years Mr. Meyer has written over 300 articles and has produced over 500 videos using about $600 dollars worth of video equipment and software. Click here to see a portfolio of recently produced videos.

Dear Reader,

Marketing is TOTALLY different than is was ten years ago. If you’re using digital  media and not keeping your content fresh – every single month – you are wasting your time! When someone goes to your social media page and doesn’t see any posts this month they know you don’t really care about Facebook, other than using it to make a buck.

Your content needs to be fresh, educational and have legitimate calls to action. Let me get you on a path of continuity and engagement with your customers!


Scott Meyer